Why Use Containers to Grow Your Organic Vegetables?

There are a myriad of reasons as to why you would consider using containers for growing your own organic vegetables. Let’s take a look!

It allows you to grow vegetables even if you don’t have any ground for a conventional garden. Many people now live in apartments or housing with no back yard or if there is any yard it is very small and more often than not it is hard surfaced; it can’t be dug up to plant anything! Containers can be placed virtually anywhere there is a flat surface or they can even be propped up to make them sit level. Or they can be hung on walls or from any other suitable structure. No need to dig up anything!

If you have a small yard it gives you extra growing space, it is amazing what you can grow in a small area if you utilize containers.

In some cases you might even have a reasonable sized yard but for any number of reasons your soil isn’t suitable for growing anything.  You might have very poor soil, rocky soil, baked hard soil, contaminated soil, very free draining soil, or soggy wet soil; it doesn’t even enter the equation it doesn’t need to stop you growing your own vegetables.

My present yard is quite big but is just sand, very poor, high lime content and very free draining. Some areas of it have non wetting soil/sand which repels water.  It is very hard to keep things moist and the addition of organic matter is very short lived it just disappears. I could improve the soil over a number of years and big expense by adding clay etc. It is easier and more economical to use containers which I can fill with rich compost without it disappearing.

I can move my containers around or place them to take advantage of sun, shade or shelter according to the season. I have very hot summers so shade is very valuable then. In winter the sun is valuable and I can position my containers to take advantage of it. Sometimes the ideal growing conditions are present but in a place where having a conventional in ground garden isn’t an option. Instead containers can be used to take advantage of those ideal growing conditions.

Growing conditions and requirements change throughout the season and can be catered for. Early in the season full sun may be ideal but as temperatures rise later on it might be too hot, the option of moving your containers to more suitable conditions is a great advantage.

Smaller containers or containers on some sort of castors can be moved about to allow multiple use of your space. On occasions you may require more space for entertaining or some other activity, moving your containers will allow you to create the required space; when you are done or your visitors are gone you can move things back.

There is no huge out lay to get started using containers. Containers can be made from many recycled items with no cost at all. Let your imagination run wild or check out the internet for inspiration.

Containers can be low cost or no cost at all

Containers can be low cost or no cost at all

The hard work often associated with gardening doesn’t apply to container growing; no hard digging or endless weeding! Bending to touch your toes isn’t required either! This makes growing vegetables accessible to so many more people who aren’t physically able to garden in the conventional manner.

Using containers means almost anyone can grow at least some of their vegetables without the need for a garden. Growing your own vegetables means less exposure to toxic pesticide residues, you can afford to eat organically without paying premium prices; and you know for sure that they really are totally organic.

Using containers allows you to provide the ideal growing medium for your plants. Different plants have different preferences; with containers you can cater for them all. You can have plants with vastly different soil requirements growing side by side in separate containers.

Your container garden can be as big or as small as you like, if you want to grow more just add more containers. Growing in containers is a fun way to introduce kids to gardening and the production of healthy food.

Container gardens can also be easier to protect from the elements if necessary by moving them or by grouping the containers together to provide shelter for each other.

Like I said at the beginning there are many reasons to use containers!

Why not give it a try and see for yourself.

Don’t know how or where to start?

It is all covered in the Easy AZ Method, check it out here.

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