Moving Containers During the Season


Some vegetable plants especially leafy ones like my lettuce and spinach are just like us humans…we like to seek out a bit of shade when the sun gets intense.

Now that our weather is warming up it was getting too hot for my lettuce and spinach to be getting so much sun.

My spinach was wilting when I moved it but it soon revived after a good drink and being placed in filtered shade. It is coming to the end of its life cycle and has put up some seed heads which I have cut off. As plants get bigger and mature they are more demanding on the water resources and being in pretty well full sun was only aggravating matters.

My lettuce were feeling the heat also but not getting quite as much sun as the spinach. They will be much happier in their new position with the spinach. They will get morning sun, then filtered shade and later full shade.


Spinach pots and lettuce case moved to a more suitable spot out of the intense heat.

This is an advantage of using moveable containers. You can move them around to take advantage of the best conditions for your particular crop during the growing season. The situation my spinach and lettuce were in was ideal for them during the cooler months and up until now but now it is too hot for them.

I am very pleased with my case containers.

It was a breeze to just lift the handle on the end of the case and wheel it around the corner to its new position; there was no way I could have lifted it! I probably could have put some shade cloth or something similar under it and dragged it as I do with containers sometimes.

If your containers aren’t mobile you could always erect some sort of shade using shade cloth or the likes. This can work well too as you can take advantage of a sunny spot early on when the plants can make use of it and then as it gets too hot for them you put up your shade.

Of course it is much easier to move your containers if you can.

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