How to Avoid the Toxic Pesticides in Store Bought Vegetables Including Organic

I got into growing my vegetables in containers as a means to provide more growing space.

I always liked to grow my vegetables because of the convenience of always having them on hand. I lived on a farm without a supermarket just down the road!

I also loved the freshness of home grown vegetables.

My Dad always grew our vegetables and it was something I loved to do too.

When I moved to a small property after being used to having unlimited space for vegetable production I had to find a way to grow more.

I never really thought about what was in store bought vegetables because it had never really concerned me.

But now my focus has changed big time!

After experiencing modern farming practices first hand while working on a cropping farm I witnessed the massive use of chemicals in food production.

I had no idea that so many chemicals were being poured onto plants which we eat! It is little wonder that in the Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Data Program testing it was found that nearly 60% of produce tested contained pesticide residues?

This is scary! You can read more about it in my Free Report.

There is lots of documentation on the adverse effects of pesticides on health.

Governments all over the world are struggling to provide health care for the rapidly increasing decline in health of the population.

It would seem obvious that if some of the cause of ill health was removed that people’s health would improve lessening the burden on the health system.

But it appears that the governments would rather ignore such logic and allow people to continue to be harmed from the increasing use of these pesticides which are designed to be toxic to living organisms. I have a sneaking suspicion that there is money behind the governments’ stance on the situation! When it comes to dealing with the massive chemical companies that produce these toxic pesticides money talks.

The most alarming thing was to discover that when organic produce was tested it also contained pesticide residue and in fact there is quite a list of synthetic pesticides allowed to be used in organic food production. I had always thought that organic meant produced organically…which I thought meant without the use of synthetic pesticides!

This brought home to me the fact that to be absolutely sure you aren’t eating pesticides you have to take responsibility in to your own hands and do the job of growing your vegetables yourself.

Now I see growing as many vegetables as I can no matter how small my space as a way to avoid eating pesticides. The more self- sufficient I can be the less my husband and I are exposed to these health damaging toxins. By growing my own I know exactly what goes in to their production!

Using containers allows me to grow so much more especially when it can be combined with vertical growing.

Because it is easy to do; despite what many may think, almost anyone can grow at least some of their vegetables in the smallest of spaces and greatly reduce their intake of toxins.

Because I am so passionate about helping others to reduce the amount of toxins in their diet I have put together a simple method of growing vegetables in containers that anyone can follow.

You can check it out here.