Growing Your Own Vegetables is Food for Both Mind and Body

Growing your own vegetables is food for both mind and body.

Home grown organic vegetables certainly are good food for your body, they taste so much better, they are fresher and they are definitely free from pesticide residue something you just can’t be sure of in bought organic vegetables.

We just commented on how sweet our tomatoes taste compared to the ones we had been buying in our off season.

Apart from the healthy eating part of growing your vegetables there are also benefits in the actual growing of them. Tending your container garden can be a time of stress release and unwinding; a time to declutter your mind and be mindful of your now moment. You are not worrying about things in the past that you can’t change or have no control over and you aren’t worrying about things in the future that might happen.

The health of your mind is just as important as the health of your body you need to nourish both.

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