Growing Vertically and Making Use of Resources

If you can train your plants to grow vertically it means you can get more production from a small space;as well as keep unruly plants tamed. Some things like tomatoes and cucumbers would just take over a small space if left unsupported and untamed leaving little room to grow much else.
Being able to grow vertically also means fruit doesn’t end up in contact with the ground which can be a problem. Fruit which touches the ground can become blemished or even rot or be exposed to more creatures! If it is up off the ground it is exposed to sun and light and is kept dry and less likely to rot.

Sometimes finding something sturdy enough for support can be a problem.

But take a look around and see what is already in your space and could be utilized. Maybe you have a veranda pole or a balcony rail, or a beam above that you could tie a string to. With tomatoes and cucumbers you can tie a string around the base of the plant and on to a support above and then keep winding the plant around the string as it grows. You may be able to string a wire across your space that could be used for overhead support in this way.

We have recently put up a new mesh fence for grape vines to grow on and as the grapes aren’t going to be covering it yet I have placed some cucumber and tomato containers by it so that I can utilize it for support.


Using grape fence for support

Give vertical growing some consideration…you can produce so much more and isn’t that what we all aim to do!