Extending Your Harvest Period: Enjoying Your Produce For Longer


There are a number of ways to extend your harvest period one of these is to preserve your surplus produce for later use.

Some crops lend themselves better than others to this.

Some things can be canned or frozen or made into pickles, jams or preserves. Others can be fermented and made very beneficial to your health!

Recently we had surplus spinach and kale and I decided to dry it and make it into my own greens powder…something I have never done before.

It is certainly the way to minimize storage space! I had two buckets of fresh leaves and once dried and ground in my coffee grinder they ended up a very small amount probably around four tablespoons. Very concentrated goodness! There is obviously a high water content in these greens!


My dried greens


I have stored it in the freezer to help maintain it’s goodness longer…it doesn’t take up much room in our small freezer!

Keeping greens picked is beneficial in that it helps keep the plants producing.