A Wicking Container Once More

When I discovered that the compost in my wicking wheelie bin container with my tomato was quite dry I initially thought that my wicking set up in it wasn’t working. So then I just started using it as a normal container watering it from the top.

Then I noticed the ground it was sitting on was damp and I realized that it was leaking out the bottom. I thought the water was leaking out underneath somewhere from a little hole or crack so would be hard to pin point the spot.
After a while I thought maybe I could lift it up on to the little retaining wall nearby and see if I could find the leak. Once I had it up there I gave it water and discovered that there were a couple of cracks on each side low down on the front probably where the wheels had been removed before I got my hands on the bin.

It was great to find that as it meant they should be relatively easily fixed with some tape. I had to wait for all the water to drain out so that the surface was dry to put the tape on. It just kept on seeping out for days but I eventually got it taped up and it is working again.

Taped up wicking bin.

I moved the container back near my other grape fence to make use of it as support. It isn’t really tall enough so I might have to do a bit horizontal training. I tied one shoot to the nearby fig tree.

Using the fence and fig tree as support