What is it Costing You to Not Grow Your Own Vegetables?


With rising living costs right across the board it sure makes sense to save money where ever you can.

One way is to grow you own vegetables.

How much do you spend on vegetables?

How much do you spend on actually going to buy your vegetables?

Apart from the monetary costs what about the freshness you are foregoing?

Growing your own means ultra freshness and not having to put up with the likes of the disgustingly limp salad greens I saw in the super market the other day. Vegetables have a limited life once they are picked, especially the likes of salad greens which are some of the easiest things to grow. How often do you go to the supermarket just because you have run out of fresh vegetables?

How much time do you spend going to the supermarket to buy your vegetables instead of just popping out your door to harvest your own vegetables in an instant? Time equals money!

But more importantly are you jeopardizing your health and that of your family by feeding them chemically laden vegetables because you can’t afford the extra it costs to buy organic? You could easily be growing your own and know exactly what has gone into their production.

How much do you spend on lunches? You could be making your own using the fresh produce from your garden in sandwiches, rolls or buns, or salads or even just a selection of baby carrots or carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, peas in the pod, celery sticks etc and dip if you wish.
What does it cost you in time queuing to buy your lunch? Why not spend your whole lunch break relaxing and being revitalized ready for a productive afternoon.

Having no ground or limited space is no reason for not growing your own vegetables.

Growing vegetables in containers or pots means you can still grow fresh vegetables in the smallest of spaces. You will be surprised how much you can produce especially if you utilize vertical gardening making use of ‘air space’ as well by growing things up frames, trellises, walls etc.

Not knowing how is no reason for not growing your own vegetables either. It is easier than you think especially if you utilize the good information available.

Check out how you can easily grow your own ultra-fresh truly organic vegetables.

The cost of not growing your own vegetables isn’t just monetary it could also be costing you your health.

Growing your own vegetables is an easy and fun way to save money as well as taking good care of your families health.