The Easy AZ Method

Inside The Easy AZ Method The A to Z of Growing Ultra-Fresh Truly Organic Vegetables In Containers you will discover that it is easy for almost anyone to grow their own truly organic vegetables and greatly reduce their exposure to the toxic pesticides in store bought vegetables. Anyone can do it even if they don’t have a garden or green thumbs!

Dot Cruickshank has put together this simple method from her own experience with growing vegetables in containers. She is passionate about sharing how easy it is because she wants as many people as possible to do it.

It is a cheap way for people to be able to eat organically.  As we all know organic vegetables are way more expensive than conventionally grown ones which put them out of reach for many families.

It is such a disturbing thought that young children, who are far more vulnerable to the effects, are actually eating toxic pesticides when they eat conventionally grown vegetables! In Department of Agriculture Pesticide testing it was found that nearly 60% of produce tested contained pesticide residue and some produce had residue of up to 10 different chemicals.

Discovering that organic doesn’t necessarily mean grown without the use of synthetic pesticides was shocking to say the least. One would presume that something labelled organic would have been grown totally organically; but presumptions aren’t reality! It turns out that some organic vegetables when tested by the Department of Agriculture also contained pesticides.

In fact there is quite a list of pesticides that are allowed to be used in organic vegetable production.

This revelation was one of the keys to prompting Dot to put together this method to give anyone who cares about preserving their health and their family’s health the opportunity to take back control of it.

You are what you eat! What you put into your body greatly determines your state of health; eating pesticide residue certainly doesn’t fit the equation!   

Here is a sneak view of some of what you will discover inside:

  • The 3Ms: the 3 critical must haves you need in choosing your container. Miss out just one and you are on the road to failure before you even get stated!
  • The Open Home Method will inspire you and open your eyes to opportunities that you didn’t even know existed right before your eyes!
  • The Pied Piper Method will keep you in fresh vegetables all year long.
  • The Piggy in the Middle Method is a sneaky way to make the best use of your space; to harvest more from the same area. Once you get started growing you will want to grow more and more; believe me space will be at a premium!
  • The Buddy Method: Everyone likes good company, why would plants be any different?
  • Employing some match making with the Match Making Method will give you a better chance of success rather than just winging it.
  •  Some things need investigating! This is where we use the Sherlock Method to make some important findings that we can use to influence our success.
  •  If you are short on time you will want to use the Elephant Method. You will be surprised how well this works to get things done if you think you don’t have enough time.
  • The Alpha Method lets you be instrumental in the creation process. You are uncovering the dormant blueprint; a very satisfying experience indeed!
  •  The Beta Method is a short cut that you might want to use all the time. It brings a different sense of satisfaction; instant gratification!

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